February 10, 2018

The Girl with a Red Tulip

In february we dream about spring.. well, I imagine there's nobody who wants a little bit of snow :)
I like to paint these girls/ladies, wich I met in real life or not. Often not.
Today is about our national blouse, we believe will be a world patrimony piece soon _Ia, and especially red Ia. 'm not sure about origins but think is Oltenia region, south of Romania. Every line every form on tis blouse is a symbol from nature, from dreams or even history. Is a mix of Dacic and Roman roots but also Balcanic multicultural presence of last hundren of years. Wasn't my objective to illustrate the accuracy of forms on this blouse - only the moment and emotion of a very young girl, many many years ago. Maybe somebody gave her this tulip, maybe there's a last goodbye, maybe just dream about warm spring, or well done Ia she finished yesterday.. you imagine...

Watercolours on Fabriano paper 300gr, cold pressed.

January 22, 2018

That Pair...

My Hedgehog is well known here in Moldova. I don't know why people like illos with him. Every year I illustrate one new, new entourage and print lots of postcards. This year for fun, Hedgehog has a friend near. Forgot to publish on blog - so please enjoy it )!

Pillows & Christmas

Every year for Christmas, I print pillows with my works, especially works I know people enjoy, for selling them.
I thought this year has no sense, maybe, to print, as sold amount was impressive. So, for a city with only 700.000 is enough, I need some new as design. But not: somebody from Geneve and London wanted to find out if there will be some new Pillows Design this year, then a friend reminded I promised 2 Hedgehog pillows for this Christmas....
Well, here you have Printed Pillows I've sent also abroad more than last year. Thank you all for those moments when you choose to appreciate my work ;)

September 30, 2017

Next "Winter" - WINTER OF KATEA

I was commissioned in august to illustrate Winter scene. It's a gift for a girl.
Hope you'll enjoy close-ups.

September 19, 2017

Blue Forest

This is is one of those illos you think you'll never finish. In the way you forgot "what you was talking about" and happens that illustration waits long enough to be finished. So, started in 2015 - finished this summer. Happy really for the result :)

August 31, 2017

The Anatomy of a Heart

After a long time, Hello again!
 I hope to publish here more works. So new one, a little bit philosophic, a little bit romantic.
Watercolors, 50 x 60 cm.
Copyright Aliona Bereghici
* For Sale.

June 15, 2015